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ya : [relative pron.] which; what; whatever. || yā (f. sin. of ya), whatever woman.

ya: [(nt. sing. of ya), adv.] which; whatever thing. adv. because of.

yakana : [nt.] the liver.

yakkha : [m.] a demon.

yakkhaadhipa : [m.] the king of demons.

yakkhagaṇa : [m.] a multitude of demons.

yakkhagāha : [m.] possession by a demon.

yakkhatta : [nt.] condition of a demon.

yakkhabhūta : [adj.] born as a demon.

yakkhasamāgama : [m.] meeting of a yakkhas.

yakkhādhipa : [m.] the king of demons.

yakkhinī : [f.] a demoness.

yakkhī : [f.] a demoness.

yagghe : [adj.] hortative particle used in addressing a superior person.

yacitaka : [nt.] a borrowed thing.

yajati : [yaj + a] sacrifices; gives away alms or gifts.

yajana : [nt.] the act of sacrificing; distribution of alms.

yajamāna : [pr.p. of yajati] sacrificing.

yaji : [aor. of yajati] sacrificed; gave away alms or gifts.

yajita : [pp. of yajati] sacrificed; bestowed; given away alms or gifts.

yajitvā : [abs. of yajati] having sacrificed; having gavin away alms or gifts.

yañña : [m.] sacrifice; alms-giving.

yaññasāmī : [m.] the owner of a sacrifice.

yaññāvāṭa : [(yañña + āvāṭa), m.] the sacrificial pit.

yaññupanīta : [(yañña + upanīta), adj.] brought for the sacrifice.

yaṭṭhi : [m.; f.] a stick; staff; a pole; walking stick. a length of 7 cubits.

yaṭṭhikoṭi : [f.] the end of a staff.

yaṭṭhimadhukā : [f.] the liquorice.

yata : [pp. of yameti] checked; controlled; restrained. || yāta (pp. of yāti), gone; proceeded.

yatati : [yat + a] exerts oneself; strives.

yatana : [nt.] endeavour.

yati : [aor. of yatati] exerted oneself; strived. (m.), a monk. || yāti (yā + a), goes on; proceeds.

yato : [ind.] from where; whence; since; because; on account of which.

yattaka : [adj.] however much.

yattha : [adv.] wherever; where.

yatthatta : [nt.] reality; true nature.

yatra : [adv.] wherever; where. || yātrā (f.), travel; voyage; support of life.

yathariva : [(yathā + iva), ind.] just as.

yathaladdha : [adj.] whatever one has got.

yathā : [adv.] as; like; in relation to; according to; in whatever way; just as.

yathākatha: [ind.] in what way.

yathākamma: [adv.] according to one’s actions.

yathākāma: [adv.] according to one’s wish; at random.

yathākāmakārī : [m.] one who acts according to his wishes.

yathākārī : [adj.] as he does.

yathākāla : [m.] suitable time.

yathākāla: [adv.] at the proper time.

yathākkama: [adv.] in order; in succession.

yathājjhāsaya : [adj.] straight in mind; faithful.

yathāṭhita : [adj.] as it was; just as he stood.

yathātatha : [adj.] true; real.

yathātatha: [adv.] according to truth.

yathādhamma: [adv.] according to the law.

yathādhota : [adj.] as if it were washed.

yathānubhāva: [adv.] according to one’s ability.

yathānusiṭṭa: [adv.] in accordance with the advice.

yathāpasāda: [adv.] according to one’s gratification.

yathāpūrita : [adj.] as full as could be.

yathāphāsuka : [adj.] comfortable.

yathābala: [adv.] according to one’s strength.

yathābhata: [adv.] as it was carried.

yathābhiranta: [adj.] as long as one likes.

yathābhucca : [adj.] conformity with the truth.

yathābhūta : [adj.] conformity with the truth.

yathābhūta: [adv.] in truth; in reality; in its real essence.

yathāmitta: [adv.] according to the friendship.

yathāraha: [adv.] as is fit or proper.

yathāruci: [adv.] according to liking.

yathāvato : [adv.] in its real essence. || yāthāvato (adv.), exactly.

yathāvidhi: [adv.] duly; fitly.

yathāvihita : [adj.] as arranged.

yathāvuḍḍha: [adv.] according to seniority.

yathāvutta : [adj.] aforesaid.

yathāvutta: [adv.] as stated before.

yathāsaka : [adj.] according to one ownership.

yathāsaka: [adv.] each his own.

yathāsatti: [adv.] according to one’s power.

yathāsaddha: [adv.] according to one’s devotion.

yathāsukha: [adv.] comfortably.

yathicchita: [adv.] as one liked.

yadā : [adv.] whenever; when.

yadi : [ind.] if; however.

yadida: [(yaṃ + idaṃ), ind.] which is this; that is; namely.

yanta : [nt.] a machine.

yantanāḷi : [f.] a mechanical pipe.

yantamutta : [adj.] thrown or shot through a machine.

yantayutta : [adj.] connected with a machine.

yantika : [m.] a mechanic.

yama : [m.] the ruler of the kingdom of the dead. || yāma (m.), a watch of the night; 1/3 of a night.

yamaka : [adj.] double; twin. || yamaka (nt.) a pair; couple.

yamakasāla : [m.] twin Sal trees.

yamadūta : [m.] death’s messenger.

yamapurisa : [m.] tortures in the hell.

yamarāja : [m.] same as yama.

yamaloka : [m.] the world of the dead.

yava : [m.] barley. || yāva (ind.), up to; as far as; so far that.

yavasa : [m.] a kind of grass.

yavasūka : [m.] the beard of barley.

yasa : [m.; nt.] (mano-group), fame; glory; success; retinue.

yasagga : [nt.] the highest fame.

yasadāyaka : [adj.] giver of wealth or repute.

yasamahatta : [nt.] greatness of fame or wealth; a high position.

yasalābha : [m.] gain of fame or wealth.

yasodhara : [adj.] famous.

yasoladdha : [adj.] got through fame.

yaha: [adv.] where; wherever.

yahi: [adv.] where; wherever.

yāga : [m.] sacrifice; alms-giving.

yāgu : [f.] rice-gruel.

yācaka : [m.] a beggar; one who requests.

yācati : [yāc + a] begs; asks; entreats.

yācana : [nt.] begging; entreaty.

yācanaka : [adj.] begging.

yācanta : [pr.p. of yācati] begging; asking; entreating.

yācamāna : [pr.p. of yācati] begging; asking; entreating.

yācayoga : [adj.] accessible to begging; ready to comply with another’s request.

yāci : [aor. of yācati] begged; asked; entreated.

yācikā : [f.] female beggar.

yācita : [pp. of yācati] asked of; begged of.

yācitu: [inf. of yācati] to beg; to ask; to entreat.

yācitvā : [abs. of yācati] having begged; having asked; having entreated.

yājaka : [m.] one who causes to sacrifice.

yātvā : [abs. of yāti] having gone; having proceeded.

yāthāva : [adj.] exact, definite.

yādisa : [adj.] whichever; whatever; which like.

yādisasaka : [adj.] whichever; whatever; which like.

yāna : [nt.] a carriage; vehicle; going.

yānaka : [nt.] a small carriage.

yānagata : [adj.] got up in a carriage.

yānabhūmi : [f.] a road accessible to a carriage.

yānī : [m.] one who drives in a carriage.

yānīkata : [adj.] made a habit of; mastered.

yāpana : [nt.] sustenance; nourishment; keeping up of the body.

yāpananīya : [adj.] sufficient for supporting one’s life.

yāpita : [pp. of yāpeti] nourished; kept up; supported one’s life.

yāpeti : [yā + āpe] nourishes; keeps up; supports one’s life.

yāpetvā : [abs. of yapetvā] having nourished; having kept up; having supported one’s life.

yāpenta : [pr.p. of yāpeti] nourishing; keeping up; supporting one’s life.

yāpesi : [aor. of yāpeti] nourished; kept up; supported one’s life.

yāmakālika : [adj.] something allowed to be taken by a Buddhist monk after noon and in the night.

yāyī : [m.] one who goes. (in cpds.), such as sīghayāyī.

yāvakālika : [adj.] temporary.

yāva-kīva: [ind.] as long as.

yāvajīva : [adj.] life-long.

yāvajīva: [adv.] for the length of one’s life.

yāvajīvika : [adj.] existing as long as one’s life lasts.

yāvataka : [adj.] as much as; as many as; as far as.

yāvatatiya: [adv.] up to the third time.

yāvatā : [ind.] as far as; in comparison with.

yāvatāyuka: [(yāvatā + āyukaṃ), adv.] as long as life lasts.

yāvatāvatiha: [adv.] as many days as.

yāvatiha: [adv.] as many days as.

yāvad eva : [ind.] only for.

yāvadattha : [adj.] as much as one likes.

yāvadattha: [adv.] as much as one likes; as far as need be.

yiṭṭha : [pp. of yajati] sacrificed; bestowed; given away alms or gifts.

yuga : [nt.] a yoke; a pair; a couple; an age or generation.

yugaggāha : [m.] imperiousness; rivalry; competition.

yugaggāhī : [m.] a rival; a competent.

yugacchidda : [nt.] the hole of a yoke.

yuganaddha : [adj.] congruous; harmonious; connected to a yoke.

yuganandha : [adj.] congruous; harmonious; connected to a yoke.

yuganta : [m.] the end of an age or generation.

yugandhara : [m.] name of a mountain.

yugamatta : [adj.] the distance of a yoke.

yugala : [nt.] a pair or couple.

yugalalaka : [nt.] a pair or couple.

yujjhati : [yudh + ya] fights; makes war.

yujjhana : [nt.] fighting.

yujjhanta : [pr.p. of yujjhati] fighting; making war.

yujjhamāna : [pr.p. of yujjhati] fighting; making war.

yujjhi : [aor. of yujjhati] fought; made war.

yujjhita : [pp. of yujjhati] fought; made war.

yujjhitu: [inf. of yujjhati] to fight; to make war.

yujjhitukāma : [adj.] willing to fight.

yujjhitvā : [abs. of yujjhati] having fought; having made war.

yujjhiya : [abs. of yujjhati] having fought; having made war.

yuñjati : [yuj + ṃ – a] joins with; engages in; endeavours.

yuñjana : [nt.] engaging in; joining with.

yuñjanta : [pr.p. of yuñjati] joining with; engaging in; endeavouring.

yuñjamāna : [pr.p. of yuñjati] joining with; engaging in; endeavouring.

yuñji : [aor. of yuñjati] joined with; engaged in; endeavoured.

yuñjitabba : [pt.p. of yuñjati] should be joined with; should be engaged in; should be endeavoured.

yuñjitvā : [abs. of yuñjati] having joined with; having engaged in; having endeavoured.

yutta : [pp. of yuñjati] yoked; harnessed; connected with; given to; engaged in; proper.

yuttaka : [adj.] proper; fit.

yuttakārī : [adj.] acting properly or rightly.

yuttabhāva : [m.] the fact of deserving.

yutti : [f.] justice; fitness.

yuttito : [adv.] in accordance with justice.

yuddha : [nt.] fight; war; battle.

yuddhabhūmi : [nt.] battle-field.

yuddhamaṇḍala : [f.] battle-field.

yuva : [m.] a youth (nom. sing. yuvā).

yuvatī : [f.] a young woman.

yūtha : [m.] a flock or herd of animals.

yūthajeṭṭha : [m.] leader of a herd.

yūthapa : [m.] leader of a herd.

yūpa : [m.] a sacrificial post.

yūsa : [m.] juice; soup.

yena : [adv.] because of; where.

yebhuyya : [adj.] numerous; most; abundant.

yebhuyyayena : [adv.] almost all, mostly.

yebhuyyena : [adv.] mostly.

yeva : [ind.] (emphatic particle), even; just; also.

yo : [nom. sin. of ya] any person; whoever.

yoga : [m.] connection; bond; endeavour; conjunction; attachment; effort; mixture.

yogakkhema : [m.] release from the attachments.

yogagātiga : [adj.] one who has conquered the bond of rebirth.

yogayutta : [adj.] bound by attachments.

yogāvacara : [m.] one who practices spiritual exercise.

yogī : [m.] one who practices spiritual exercise.

yogga : [adj.] suitable; fit for. (nt.), a vehicle; a contrivance.

yojaka : [m.] one who joints. Connected or yokes; a composer.

yojana : [nt.] yoking; application; a measure of length, which is about, 7 miles. || yojanā (f.), construction; suggestion; proposal; an exegesis.

yojanika : [adj.] having a yojana in extent.

yojāpeti : [caus. of yojeti] causes to yoke; harness; combine; unite; mix; apply; prepare; urge.

yojita : [pp. of the joyeti] combined; yoked to; prepared; mixed with.

yojiya : [abs. of yojeti] having yoked; having harnessed; having combined; having united; having mixed; having applied; having prepared; having urged.

yojeti : [yuj + e] yokes; harnesses; combines; unites; mixes; applies; prepares; urges.

yojetvā : [abs. of yojeti] having yoked; having harnessed; having combined; having united; having mixed; having applied; having prepared; having urged.

yojenta : [pr.p. of yojeti] yoking; harnessing; combining; uniting; mixing; applying; preparing; urging.

yojesi : [aor. of yojeti] yoked; harnessed; combined; united; mixed; applied; prepared; urged.

yotta : [nt.] a string; a twine.

yodha : [m.] a soldier.

yodhājīva : [(yodha + ājīva), m.] a warrior.

yodhita : [pp. of yodheti] fought; made war.

yodheti : [yudh + e] fights; makes war.

yodhetvā : [abs. of yodheti] having fought; having made war.

yodhesi : [aor. of yodheti] fought; made war.

yoni : [f.] origin; realm of existence; the female organ; knowledge; species.

yoniso : [adv.] wisely; properly; judiciously.

yonisomanasikāra : [m.] proper consideration.

yobbañña : [nt.] youth.

yobbana : [nt.] youth.

yobbanamada : [m.] the pride of youth.




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