Daily Chants

Translated by Venerable Ānandajoti


This edition of the Pāli chanting book is currently being used at Pa Auk Meditation Centre. As in the previous edition, it follows the Sixth Buddhist Council’s (Chaṭṭha Saṅgāyanā Tipiṭaka) Pāli text.

However, in this edition, more chants or Suttas have been added. Furthermore, all Suttas, with the exception of the last three, have been translated into English.

We rejoice in Venerable Ānandajoti’s effort in gathering the Pāli text and then translating them into English. He has meticulously placed the English translation alongside the Pāli text. This will enable the reader to immediately comprehend the meaning of the Sutta as it is being chanted. His effort has made the printing of this chanting book possible.

We also appreciate Venerable Ānandajoti’s patience towards both the delay in publication and our request for various changes or edits in the book.

There are many others who have rendered their assistance in getting this book ready for printing. To them, we would also like to express our appreciation by saying “Sādhu, Sādhu, Sādhu”.


PAT 01 Daily Chants 2nd Edition
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